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SLOW: A reminder that although time feels unreal, it is often smart to slow down.

The joy of having your own apartment is similar to having a gallon of milk: heavy to carry at first, but once opened, the weight becomes less and less. But if you do not take care of it, a gorgeous smell will arise that will make you say: damn. Expiration dates are important…but there is humor in them as well.

For example, there’s a bottle of pink yum yum sauce on my coffee table. It seems as if it has been in my fridge for months now, but the expiration date says otherwise. I swear the expiration keeps moving further and further away. Why won’t it expire? Maybe it is because the yum yum sauce bottle is not, in fact, the same one I bought months ago. It is not the bottle I bought, while I was wearing raggedy, tighter than Marie Anntoinest’s corset, high waisted yoga pants in ninety-five-degree weather, curls atop my head, glistening in the sunlight. …

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Tea is about two women, with similarities beyond belief, checking into the same hotel. I wanted to use my experience of being mistaken for the wrong black girl for this film because it is more common than you would think. Truthfully, 2020 has been a tough year for the black community. In order to relax my mind, I wanted to create a film that did not carry the same trauma that I, and others, certainly carry every day. I truly believe that issues such as colorism, fetishizing, and prejudice can be tackled in a way that is not traumatic to the viewer or creator. …

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I decided to take a night drive with the windows down because I hadn’t left the house all day. The night was dark and empty despite my bright headlights shining on the road. Maybe it was anxiety that cloaked any interest of stepping outside or maybe it was my grief over losing friends many months ago. I am deciding to lean towards the latter. As I navigated the empty streets, I am reminded of one thing: pure and genuine friendships are precious and sometimes rare.

The exhaustion of college is often veiled by rowdy parties, spectacular grades, and new friends. If you are sad or lonely, lean on your friends. If you do not want to go to the gym alone, tag along with a friend. If you enter a classroom, sit next to someone who could potentially become a friend. You begin to value quantity over quality in desire to make new and photogenic memories that will compliment your Instagram feed. …

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Image by illustrator Gemma Correll

Disclaimer: This story is based on true events that occurred during November 2nd-4th of 2018. All of the information used is from medical documents and files, my memory, and the notes I wrote on notebook paper while admitted. Names and key characteristics have been changed and modified.

I was baker acted eleven days before my nineteenth birthday. The reason for my admission was because of the suicidal texts I sent to two of my best friends. …

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Left or right, the choice is yours. I choose to congratulate myself. Image credit: Mark Anderson

For so long, I have wondered why I care so much about people who do not reciprocate the same care or love to me. I thought it was because of my ability to love any and everyone (friend, acquaintance, lover, etc.), but last night, I had a realization: I am behaving and having the same thought process as my fifteen-year-old self.

15 year old me was ready but overly nervous to begin high school. I so desperately wanted to be liked, sit with the popular kids, and was willing to compromise my beliefs or values to say, “oh yeah, I’m friends with them.” Sadly, I was routinely involved in the typical, petty high school drama. You know the gossiping, the screenshots, the whispers in the courtyard. Whenever my name was said, fear kicked in. Fear of no longer being accepted, fear of no longer having a front row ticket to the action, fear of not being liked. If a friend decided to no longer talk to me or acted differently, the tears began to fall down my face. It would usually take me more than a week to recover from petty high school drama, so now, at nineteen, if a conflict arises in my life, I take it to heart, and I take it personally — sometimes too personally. From the moment I meet someone, a place in my heart immediately opens, which is a blessing and a curse. When the opening of my heart is not appreciated or taken advantage of, the self-pity kicks in FAST. Examples of my self-pity include (and I am sure you can relate to):
1. Being left on open at a particular time: “I guess they don’t want to talk to me.”
2. Being ghosted without an explanation: “What is so wrong about me?”
3. …

Swipe Right, Then Fetishize Me.

Tinder should come with a general warning for minority women.
Warning: Side effects may vary, but contents will often compliment, make empty promises, present boyish charm with a hint of misogyny, but, ultimately, will always, always, ALWAYS, fetishize you.
Tinder is Tinder. We all know why people download the app, but for me, the app was a source of entertainment. I knew by downloading Tinder that I was not going to be in contact with sweet, gentlemen who were the embodiment of a Prince Charming. …


Lee Alisha Williams

Creative writing major with a heart of gold.

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